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Shop Layout, Equipment, and Crane Capacities

     Every project is unique, and having the right equipment and flexability in how we approach each job is key to success.  Recent investments in cutting edge CNC machinery adds to our capacity and production efficiency.  **Click pictures for more info**

Bay Layout and Crane Capacities

BAY I  Fabrication Area 50'-6" x 220'-7"

Four 2-ton overhead cranes.

BAY II Fabrication Area 60' x 200-7"

Four 2-ton overhead cranes.

BAY III Fabrication Area 30'-6" x 220'-7"

Three 2-ton overhead cranes

BAY IV Fabrication Area 60' x 220'

Five 2-ton overhead cranes

BAY V Fabrication Area 60' x 220'

Five 2-ton overhead cranes

BAY VI Fabrication Area 20' x 160'

Two 2-ton overhead cranes


Detail Bay Fabrication Area 84' x 320'-6"

Two 5-ton overhead Cranes

Three 2-ton overhead Gantries

One 1-ton overhead Jib

Welding Bay Fabrication Area 60' x 282'-6"

Two 5-ton overhead cranes

One 10-ton overhead crane


Outside Laydown Area Two Rail Spurs with a 25-ton yard gantry crane for loading, unloading, and outside storage

90,000 S.F.



600-800 Tons

Expansive Shop Space
Full-Time Inspectors
Full-Time Shop Personel
Average Monthly Production Capacity
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