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Markle Manufacturing Company of San Antonio


     Since 1969 Markle Manufacturing has been providing structural steel fabrication for use in industrial applications around the United States, and across the world.  Our focus on quality workmanship as well as a commitment to on-time delivery has led to many longstanding relationships in the petrochemical and energy sectors. 


     Today we look to the future, with the incorporation of the latest in fabrication technology. From cutting edge CNC machinery and project tracking software, as well as streamlining our detailing team and shop information systems to get the most accurate fabrication info into the hands of our highly skilled shop personnel in the most timely manner possible.  Here at Markle, we have the knowledge, experience, capacity, and the equipment to get your project done.


90,000 S.F.



600-800 Tons

Expansive Shop Space
Full-Time Inspectors
Full-Time Shop Personel
Average Monthly Production Capacity
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